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D-Wave and Quantum computing

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    Hi everybody,

    A Canadian company named D-Wave, claims that it has already built a 16 qu-bits computer. This is their website address :


    They also claim the technology they use is "easily" scalable, and they foresee a 512 qu-bits version in the beginning of 2008, and a 1024 qu-bits by the end of 2008.

    If their claims are right, it means that quantum computing will be a reality very soon, much earlier in any case than what most specialists used to forecast.

    Has anybody heard about this company, and do you know if we can believe them ?


    P.S :

    maybe this is not the good forum for this topic ?
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    I have covered this and also linked to several news reports if you wish to read:


    NOt only that, recently, researchers in Japan have made another claim of a key step towards a quantum computer, and this time, they actually published the physics of the system that many consider to be more viable (and certainly, testable), something D-Wave has no intention of doing.


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    OK, Thank you, ZapperZ !

    I have read your articles. Unfortunately, I could not get the article from the NEC people.

    You seem to be more confident in NEC, mainly because they published ?

    How many qu-bits could NEC obtain, and what do they forecast for the future ?

    From what I understand, they use similar principles as D-Wave ?

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    I read through D-wave website.

    The thing seems really serious. They say they will provide computing power by the end of 2007. They also provide quite an elaborate API.

    I don't think this could be a mystification. Within 6 months, we should know if we are living a true revolution or not.

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