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D2sp3 and sp3d2

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    [Cr(NH3)6]3+ has Cr3+ ion and the ligand is weak field.
    Hence the configuration of Cr ion is 3d3,4s0
    My doubt is,will the ligands donate electrons starting from 3d to form d2sp3 or will it start from 4s and use 4p and 4d to form sp3d2?
    I know the 3 electrons of chromium are still unpaired but that d orbital can accommodate 2 pairs of electrons.
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    Suraj M

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    opening up a new 4d for hybridization, is energy consuming, and non stabilizing, isn't it?
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    So its d2sp3 then. But you will have the eg orbitals filled with electrons from ligands and the t2g partly filled by the metal's electrons.
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    Yes, it's d2sp3. Yes t2g will remain partly filled and that implies it would be paramagnetic. Applying some of the concepts of valence bond theory in CFT could be useful.
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