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DAC accuracy

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    I've run an experiment on an active filter. I am using the NI Elvis prototyping board. The frequency response is taken with the NI Bode analyzer and I saved the output data in a text file. The Bode analyzer amplitude spec is give as 12 or 16 bits, how do I calculate the amplitude error using the 12 bit accuracy spec? The measurements are in dB.
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    This sounds like homework. What are your thoughts? In the *real world* the error will depend on the noise environment. In the *homework world* there may be no noise....
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    It is homework in the sense I'm writing up a lab on did on an active filter and I have to take into account the measurement error of the output. The spec was very vague to me, the Bode analyzer had an amplitude error of 12 bits. I just need a reasonable calculation to the error in reading the amplitude of the output of the filter.
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