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Dachshund, a sad drunk?

  1. Aug 26, 2012 #1
    Yesterday a friend of a friend got herself a dachshund and they called it a weiner dog.

    I was slightly surprised. I could image a wiener dog, but weiner? I realize that there is not a lot of difference in the ei from Einstein and the ie from Einstien, but not so in the German or Dutch language.

    Wien (pronounce Wean) is the German version of the capital of Austria, Vienna. The wiener saucage, resembling the dog, comes from here. Hence the name Wiener.

    Wein is wine, pronounciation nearly the same. Also, 'Weinen' is to whine; also almost identical pronounciation.

    And I googled "wiener dog" 1,060,000 hits versus "weiner dog", 773,000 hits. So the correct version version is still in the lead, but for how long?

    But how got this dog associated with a sad drunk?
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    It is a sausage dog, not a wine dog. Did your friends really mean wine when they said it? Maybe they are confused?
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    I believe OP is joking. :smile:
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    I don't have any good experiences of Dachshunds. This seems a resonable explanation of their behaviour IMO.
    Q. Why do Dachshunds always bite your ankles?
    A. Because they are too short to reach anything higher.
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    I guess it's the way how you pronounce Einstein and Einstien, I guess.

    Oh and it's one of the tragic mistakes to think that Dachshunds are small. Also for Staffordshires by the way, I know one of them too well. They are not small at all. The're sure that they easily beat a Dobermann, paws down. Their rather modest posture is a big mistake. They love to demonstrate that by looking at you at your eye level, every other second that is, in between when gravity and the missing leg length pulls them down again temporarely.
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    *giggling fit starts*

    So true!
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    Only a Dobernamm? There's a reason why Staffys are called bull terriers :wink:
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    Are you sure they weren't referring to it as a whine dog? I've known lots of those, they come in all breeds.
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    If you looked like a sausage, were bred for no brains, and to chase vermin down their holes you might also become a wino. Hence the confusion. Next time you see a wiener dog offer it a nice German beer. It's a rough life, but it's not like they can trade up.
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    Nein, Niemals werden Wieners weinen :tongue: They may demand, harass, nag, annoy, scold, whatever but they never wein. Weinmaraners can whine.
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    It is not nice to see the name of Weimar, the city of Goethe, being spoiled for a cheap gag. :wink:

    However, if there is some dog who has any reason to whine because of its dumb name, it is the Hannoverscher Schweißhund (Hanover sweat dog). But maybe after a few bottles of wine, it may become a hangover sweat dog...
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    Oh please accept my apologies for my audacity to Johann W.... :uhh: :biggrin: Yes the thread is getting more and more about a real Wolf gang
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    Ah that made me howl :biggrin:
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