Daddy-daughter date night?

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    This creeps me out!

    Tickets still available for Friday evening’s Daddy Daughter Date Night

    OK, am I just twisting an innocent, sweet family function into a Freudian psychosexual drama?

    I can't help but think I wouldn't have enjoyed slow dancing with my dad...well, maybe as a preschooler, but not as a pre-teen. But then again, we didn't have a touchy-feely, lovey-dubby family. Do they have mother-son date nights anywhere?

    Is it just me, or does this give anyone else the heebee-jeebees?
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  3. It seems a bit odd, of course I did not have a very close touchy feely family either. I found it odd watching some of the fathers on that dancing contest show dancing with their daughters.

    Its does seem that lots of women are "daddy's girls" though. So maybe its not really that weird.
  4. Char. Limit

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    Not really. If you actually expect inappropriate conduct between the father and the daughter, than your mental health should be evaluated. If you don't, why worry?

    As a side note, it does promote familial interaction, which I'm all for. We need more familials interacting.
  5. Pythagorean

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    I concur with Char, I hope my daughter is still affectionate with me at that age. Of course, I wouldn't have been caught dead dancing with my mother when I was there.
  6. I went on many Daddy and Daughter dates and dances. Some of the most wonderful memories of my life. I was always very proud of my Father.

    I see nothing wrong with a parent and child spending time together in social settings.
  7. Borg

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    I don't see the harm unless he tries to take home someone else's date. :tongue:
  8. No, lisab, you're right-this is definitely weird. You can't really tell until you see the picture either, but that's the clincher. Weird.

    And they most likely do have a mother-son event like this. At least they do on Arrested Development, and yeah they make fun of it on the show too.
  9. Borek

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    I have mixed feelings as well, but I wonder if it is not just because we are bombarded from all sides with horror pedophilic stories (including those happening inside families).

    There is nothing wrong with Dad hugging his daughter, after all that's one of the reasons we have kids - to hug them :smile: There is some line that should be not crossed, but I don't think it is being crossed here.
  10. I'm usually the first to realize something is creepy, but this just isn't triggering my creepy detector. My family definitely isn't like that. My dad and sister were arch-enemies, so I definitely can't relate. But if I ever have a daughter, I'd hope we could have a good relationship where we can dance together. You know, the kind of relationship where we actually like each other. That's somewhat foreign to me right now.
  11. This seems fine and cute.
  12. Moonbear

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    I don't understand what the problem is with this? It's just a way for parents to spend time with their kids. At that young age, I loved to dance with my dad or grandpa. That's how I learned to dance (could've used a few more lessons though). My dad and I got along great; it's my mom who embarrassed me and I wouldn't want to be seen with in public.
  13. I have had several female friends who were molested by their fathers at that age. Hearing stories from friends about their fathers having them dress up pretty to take them out on father daughter dates where they would be forced to perform fellatio and other such things gives you a bit of a different view on these things.

    That's not to say that all or even a particularly significant number of fathers that do these sorts of dates are molesting their daughters, but it still colours my perspective.
  14. lisab

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    I've known women with similar experiences and that definitely affects my perspective as well.

    Plus, when I was a daughter I never went through the "I want to marry daddy" phase, which some girls do (perfectly normal girls, I realize).

    Of course I see nothing wrong with parents spending time with their children - I'm a mom and a daughter, after all. I just don't call the time spent together "dates."
  15. That sounds like a lot, are you sure all of them are speaking the truth? I know that there is a breed of females who can say things like that just to get people to feel pity. My mother and my ex stepmother are like that. Or, I should really say humans, but I have no experience of males saying that they were sexually harassed. Too much shame to even be joked about there.
  16. I don't think there's anything wrong with a father taking his daughter out for dinner. However, calling it a "date" and them a "couple" (as in this article) is disturbing as these words have a purely intimate meaning.
  17. Some parents shower with their children also?

    Creepy for me.
  18. Some even share bed with their kids at times :yuck:
  19. Moonbear

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    Oh, you're reacting to the word "date?" I glossed over that. I guess I use the term date in a broader sense, and assumed that's the point with this sort of event too. A "date" can just mean a scheduled appointment or meeting. I don't use the word only to mean meeting a prospective romantic partner, but even with female friends when we schedule a night out, "Okay, then we've got a date, see you there!"

    I can understand someone who was a victim of child molestation having unusual and negative reaction to a normal parent-child social situation, but just knowing someone who was molested shouldn't distort one's perspective of normal social situations that much. It doesn't seem quite normal to see this as anything other than a way for dads to do something with daughters, especially if their daughters are more of the "girly girl" type who would rather go dress up for dinner and dancing than go fishing or playing ball or some such, or if the dads are more of the sort of guy who isn't really all that into things like sports himself, and enjoys a good meal and ballroom dancing type activities.
  20. ah, i think it's mostly just that wanting to be treated like a princess thing that many girls have. maybe if you have a tomgirl, you should just take her fishing or hunting or something.
  21. Evo

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    I find the "date night' thing very creepy. Father/daughter night would have been more than sufficient.
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