Appliances Daewoo FRS 2021 fridge shutdown fault [solved]

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An apparently common fault where the fridge shuts down randomly. I couldn’t find a solution online, so am posting here for others.
Symptoms: Random shutdown of entire fridge/freezer, blank display. Restarts after a variable interval. Power cycling doesn’t seem to help.

Forums etc., suggest ‘replacing motherboard’ (on top) but this is often expensive and may not be available.

I managed to catch it in shutdown, and found the 12V, 16V and 5V rails were pulsing up and down (chirping power supply). When it was running, these rails would sag if lots of fans were running.

The full service manual is here:

The fault is in the power supply:


The switching controller STR G6352 is inadequately heat-sinked. Replace it, and add some heat-sink compound.

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