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Daily Life examples?

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    Daily Life examples?????

    I think this is the perfect place to ask all of you if you could tell me some really intereseting places the following topics are used in everyday life-

    -Difference Equations
    -Permutations and combinations

    I am just new to teaching Math and I want to be able to make the class as interesting as possible!

    Thanks in advance to all who contribute.:smile:
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    Just a small example. In the Premier League in England, there are 20 clubs. You can calculate the number of matches using formula: N=n!/(n-2)! where n= number of teams, 2 is the number of teams in one match.
    With that data you have N=380 (matches).
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    -Difference Equations:
    Anything having to do with growth (or decay) rates in discrete time

    -Permutations and combinations:
    Number of different 2-ingredient pizza combinations with 5 ingredients to choose from
    Number of flavor combinations with 7 ice cream flavors to choose from
    Number of 10-letter character strings (English alphabet)

    Card games
    Someone having May 14 as their birthday
    Two kids in a class of 20 having the same birthday
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