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Dalton(ism) glasses

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    Hmm... I don't know weither this is a physics question (optics, photons, etc.), or is it a chemistry question... probably both.

    : Is it possible to to make some coating for glass or the glass material itself that would allow someone to see in crystal clear crisp-sharp black&white - when lenses on glasses are made using such matterials? (just for the feeling; - daltonism glasses). You would actually feel like you're in some movie from '30s (in 3D, though).

    (maybe some material that doesn't actually pass light, but it blocks light - absorbs different wavelenghts of light (or even a version that does that only with infra-red) and then passes white light on the other side in the direction of the original light; maybe some phosphorous matterial or something; maybe even battery assisted, but imperative is to be quite simple and to be able to see differently when you move your eyes across the surface of the lense - not just a screen picture like on TV)

    Is it possible at all?!
    ...And why?

    ...Or the version with above mentioned "screen picture" (so it takes light only directly in front of it). Any suggestion...

    (the primar idea is to make matterial that works in such way - without batteries etc. - just the matterial itself (natural, analog))
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    Where's an answer?

    ...O' - here it is...
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