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Damn, I'm broke again

  1. Feb 5, 2006 #1
    I just lost $250 bucks playing online poker. I gotta quit doing that.
    I love playing though. Here's one for you cheapskates out there pokerchamps.com. They are the only place I've found where you can play for real money but don't have to deposit anything or give them any credit card information. they have several tournaments a day with no fee, but you win real money. only about $5 or $10 but its better than a kick in the butt. If you tell them tribdog sent you you'll get nothing in return. I could make money if you start playing for cash, but you don't have to put in my name, that's not why I'm telling you about this.
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    You gota pay to play.
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    no you don't
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    Poker isnt free.
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    Misery loves company: don't plug a website which lost you $250. Why would you even give out the website, let alone promote it?
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    Hmm, if anyone is interested, there is 1 way and only 1 way to beat the online casinos (and only for a limited amount of cash). If you have spare time its an easy way to make a couple a hundred bucks. I did this a little while ago (you can only do it once) but people here might be interested.


    Anyway, its not cheating, its just using the bonus sign up cash, calculating your expected return, and playing small bets to minimise variance, then collecting as soon as you meet the wagering requirements. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions at each casino carefully. This site claims you can make thousands, but in reality, most of the information is out of date, and most of the casinos have caught on to this, but it still worked for me at about a dozen of them, making me about $800.
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    Wow Trib. You need to watch yourself better. Well unless 250 is the limit you generally allow yourself. Since I've been watching hold em tournies alot lately I have become more interested in playing myself. I think I'd rather play people in person though. There are a couple casinos near here so I just might get out to play when I have a bit of money to blow.
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    that's why I gave this link. This is a website that holds a few tournaments everyday that are freerolls, there is no entry fee, but they put up 30-35 dollars prize money to the top 7 or 8 players. It is the only place I know of that does this.

    first off, the website didn't cost me $250, my stupid attempt to bluff caused me to lose $250. And I didn't even lose it at the link I gave. I lost it on PokerStars. I only gave the link I did because it is a way to win money playing poker without having to pay and without having to give up a credit card number. I don't care if you play or not I just thought someone might be interested. I am going to try to get into a few freerolls and thought I'd pass it along.
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    I don't like playing live as much as online. I don't have a poker face and I get distracted too easily. Online I have a computer that warns me when I'm about to fold when I could instead just check and see the next card for free. The computer automatically puts in the blinds and I don't have to be sneaky when I look at my cards. plus online I can play 3 or 4 hands in the time it takes to play one live.
    $250 was a little bit more than I wanted to lose, but I usually figure I'm going to lose 1 or 2 hundred when ever I gamble. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't and I only play online or go to a casino one or two times a month. Plus taxes are coming soon so I could afford to play a little recklessly.
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