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In summary, the conversation discusses the topic of downloading music and the justification behind it. One person states that they have now started downloading ebooks instead of music, while another person argues that downloading music is not stealing, but rather a way to freely share it with others. They also mention the issue of artists not receiving fair compensation for their work. The conversation also includes a link to a program for converting .lit files and a website for accessing free books.
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I'm tired of stealing music, now I'm stealing books. No more mp3s for me, now it's ebooks.
Which program reads .lit files?
Computer science news on Phys.org
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come on now, its not stealing music. Its collecting it so that you can freely spread it to others less fortunate so that they can hear it too.

Least, that's my excuse.
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No matter weather someone believe it's right or wrong - downloading music IS ABSOLUTELY NOT STEALING.

It is copyright infringement. Simple as that. It is not theft at all.
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I feel bad when I download music because it means I deny the artist another ivory back scratcher...
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and it isn't really the artist, but more so the record label, who is getting another ivory back scratcher.

If the money went directly to the artist I would not mind. Believe it or not, not every band that has a few albums out is millionaires. In a way, downloading music is like protesting againsts the people who have corrupted the music world, and turned it into an industry.

I mean, go check out a local band, and aside from expenses, they are not after your money. Alot of times, there out having a good time, and not concerned with being multibillionaires.

But, seems like all those people stay local bands.
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Originally posted by megashawn
come on now, its not stealing music. Its collecting it so that you can freely spread it to others less fortunate so that they can hear it too.

Least, that's my excuse.
Yes who can't afford a cd or casset player but have a highspeed internet access and a computer most likcly with a cd burner
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