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Damn you Ivan, Damn you all to hell

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    I wanted to comment on your Mars Methane thread, but you closed it and linked to a thread that has nothing to do with mars methane. Now if I want to comment on it I have to leave GD, which will cause my post count to go up and I'll no longer be pointlessly stuck on pi. So my question is how many comments will I have to make to get to a post count that resembles a scientificky number?
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    413 for Plancks constant? (4.135 667 33 x 10-15 eV s ) and also a palindrome for pi (ip)
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    You can stop at 316 and pretend its a square root of 10.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hmmmm, the video in the linked post was the same one linked in the news story in my thread, but now it's not. I dunno what happened there but I'll unlock my thread.
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