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Damped 3D Lissajous Figures, free Wolfram products.

  1. Jul 1, 2009 #1
    Interest in 3D Lissajous Figures lead to a Google search which lead to a free program which ran on the free program, Mathematica Player, from Wolfram research,


    From that page,

    " Mathematica Player is an innovative new take on viewer applications.

    Rather than just a reader, like Acrobat Reader, or a thin runtime, like Flash Player, Mathematica Player has the full Mathematica engine embedded right there--ready to make documents come alive or to power applets. (Of course, don't forget it can read notebooks too!)

    Because Player-interactive documents are so easy to make using Mathematica technology, thousands of these are already freely available at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project--with more supplied each day by researchers, educators, students, and professionals. ".

    The free application which graphs damped 3D Lissajous Figures is at:


    A list of other demonstrations are at:


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