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Damped Oscillator Equation

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    the damped oscillator equation:

    (m)y''(t) + (v)y'(t) +(k)y(t)=0

    Show that the energy of the system given by

    E=(1/2)mx'² + (1/2)kx²


    dE/dt = -mvx'

    i have gone through this several time simply differentiating the expression for E wrt and i end up with

    dE/dt = x'(-vx')

    im at a brick wall. Am i doing something wrong? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
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    I have also assumed that y and x are interchangeable variables here, as no other information has been provided
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    I don't see anything wrong with your calculation. In fact, double check the units for your expressions - I don't think the suggested answer "##m\gamma \dot{x}##" even has the same units as ##dE/dt##.
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    That must be wrong: it requires that [itex]E = C - mvx[/itex] for some constant C, which is not the case.

    That is the right expression for dE/dt.
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