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Damped projectile motion

  1. Nov 24, 2004 #1
    hello all!
    i'm now on a project namely "physics & sports" and i'm to study the projectile motion of a basketball.
    the aim of my investigation is to find out the range of projection angle theta that allows the ball to get through the "loop" (actually, what's the name of the thingy?? well i mean the "basket" thing), provided that the ball is shot at a fixed speed from a fixed distance.
    and now i hv to write down the equation for the angle theta in terms of whatever other values i hv. my teacher asked me to consider air friction in vertical & horizontal directions first separately and then combine the two.
    but the pt is, i dun think my mathematics is gd enough for me to do it all by myself and that's why i'm seeking help here. plz help me to figure out wht am i supposed to do with these mathematics.
    thx n luv u all*
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