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Homework Help: Damped Simple Harmonic oscillator

  1. Nov 23, 2004 #1
    a damped simple harmonic oscillator has mass m = 260 g, k = 95 N/m, and b = 75 g/s. Assume all other components have negligible mass. What is the ratio of the amplitude of the damped oscillations to the initial amplitude at the end of 20 cycles (Adamped / Ainitial)?

    having trouble getting started, any help?

    I know the equations, just not how to use them :frown:
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    Calculate the time taken for 20 cycles from the equation for frequency that you have. (Reciprocal of frequency is the time taken for one oscillation.)

    Then, calculate the amplitude after that time from the expression for amplitude.
    Now just take the ratio.

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