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Dan Aykroyd's Unplugged on UFOs .

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Dan Aykroyd's "Unplugged on UFOs".

    This was somewhat of a surprise. What was expected was a hard sell, quick talking version of his classic "Bassomatic" commercial [for those who might remember that classic SNL skit]. To me, Aykroyd has always come off as smart, and probably someone who could have been an engineer or scientist in another life, but also as one who makes a living talking nonsense for the camera. In another life, he certainly could have been a successful used car salesman.

    That said, to me he seemed quite sincere in his DVD interview. He does a fair job of presenting what might be called the true believer's mainstream position on the subjects of UFOs and alien visitations. Albeit riddled with sloppy science and unsupported statements taken as if a matter of fact, many of the references made involve the more credible UFO accounts from people like Gordon Cooper, Ronald Reagan, and other people of note.

    Unfortunately he also seems to believe in completely unsupported claims such as that of the so called Hutchinson Effect, which is a banned subject here and for good reason - see the posting guidelines sticky thread above for details. He also accepts some or most alien abduction stories as truth which is a huge leap of faith at best.

    Finally he tells of his own alleged encounter with what seemed to be the famous Men in Black. Allegedly this happened hours before his UFO show on the SciFi channel was cancelled. The story hinges on phenomenal but not quite, and he tells it either with the demeanor of an honest observer or the skills of an actor, and at this point I wouldn't dare judge, but if I had to guess...

    The worst of it is that he is presented as some kind of Einstein. Was this the zeal of the interviewer who was allegedly granted this opportunity to interview this legend of modern media, or was this all contrived by Aykroyd in order to promote his vision of himself? Again, if I had to guess...

    Also, I saw a couple of NASA videos that looked suspicious to me. I have watched every bit of most of this stuff at least a dozen times, and I saw one clip from the shuttle, in space, with a background object - a light - accelerating out of the frame. This was not the famous ice crystals pushed by the thrusters shot, and I don't recall ever seeing this in any original footage, so I am a little suspicious that the frame speed was modified to create the illusion of acceleration.

    Aside from that, I know that most or all of the rest of the photos and videos were shown as I have seen them in their original format, and the stories recounted were done so accurately to the best of my knowledge. He obviously knows the subject of UFOs very well and I think his belief is sincere, but as always, Aykroyd remains an enigma. If I asked him for change I would count it very carefully. :biggrin:
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