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Dan Brown Says kashmir Belongs to US

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    Does Kashmir - the bone of contention between India and Pakistan for over 50 years - really belong to the US? This is the startling revelation made by Dan Brown, the internationally bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code , in a shortly to be released non-fictional work, The Secret of the K-word .

    Using spectroscopic analysis (a technique described in detail in The Da Vinci Code' the author claims to have discovered the original document over which the Instrument of Accession, signed by Kashmir maharaja Hari Singh and preserved in the National Archives, New Delhi, was later superimposed.

    The secret document reveals that Hari Singh, equally apprehensive of joining either India or Pakistan, covertly ceded Kashmir to the US. According to Brown, when the map of Kashmir is reversed it becomes, uncannily, congruent with the hilly state of Kentucky in the southern US.

    In a telephonic interview with The Times of India , the Houston-based author said...
    he had employed the ancient Kabbalistic form of numerological interpretation to discover "amazing co-relatives between Kashmir and Kentucky which by no stretch of the imagination can be put down to pure coincidence". :redface: :uhh:

    For instance, when the longitude of Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky, is divided by the latitude of Srinagar, the Kashmiri capital, the prime number so obtained has the same numeric valency as Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which accords a special status to Kashmir.

    Describing it as "one of the best-hidden secrets of the modern world", Brown acknowledged that his book would "create a global furore" and "open many cans of worms". :bugeye:

    Disclaiming that America's Central Intelligence Agency had any role in these developments, the author said, "The truth can no longer be suppressed. We owe this much at least to the long-suffering people of Kashmir. May the truth set them free, at long last."
    SourceTimes of India

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    The moment I read this (your post), I knew you were getting caught out in an obvious April Fool's joke. The link just confirmed it.

    Not even Dan Brown is *that* delusional.
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