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Dance Competition

  1. Oct 17, 2007 #1
    Dance Competition!!

    I realize this runs the risk of self - promotion, but I don't exactly do this often, and I'm hoping there is some off chance that a member of physics forums lives in the California Bay Area and is into salsa dancing =D

    The following is an email I sent out to most of my friends, I hope its ok to post it here:


    This week, Hot Salsa Fridays at the Dance Spectrum will be hosting a semi-final competition, just two weeks before the finals in November - and my partner Jaquelin and I will be competing!! Come and support us as we take the next step on our journey to the 6th annual San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Congress.

    The competition starts at 10:30, followed by performances at midnight.

    This looks to be an exciting night, as amateurs and professionals are all set to take the stage in an attempt to qualify for the SF Congress. A number of local professional and amateur dance troupes (including ours!!) will also be performing, so don't miss it!

    Competitors (Professional and Amateur):

    Max & Jacqueline (that's us!)
    Dakin & Kayono
    Quan & Elena
    Enrique & Veronica
    Jorge & Lupita
    Jean Carlo & Ruby
    Isidro & Sheila
    Ricardo & Tianne
    Gavin & Anna

    PB&G Rising Stars, Afinkao, Con Afinke, High Maintenance,
    and the debut of PB&G's new routine.
    More to be confirmed...

    Of course the rest of the night will be dedicated to the usual debauchery, er.. I mean completely innocent fun on the dance floor. I hope to see you all there!! =)


    A few videos::

    My coaches performing a bad ass routine at the world championships last year taking 2nd (they won 1st place in '05)

    Mt team performing earlier this year (one of our first shows):





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