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Dancing Merengue Dog

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    This dog is so talented, she deserves her own thread. Look at all of the moves that dog has! Most people can't learn a routine like that.

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    She definitely dances better than I do.
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    What a sweet dog!
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    LOL!! clever dog!!
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    Not as much choreography, perhaps, but Rookie is one joyful dancer.

    BTW, Carolyn Scott was paralyzed as a child with polio and has some pretty significant heart problems. She no longer performs with Rookie because balance issues can cause her to fall. I can relate to the balance issues. Duke has tripped me up a few times, so I'm working with him on positional behavior (left side, close to my leg, etc). All good though. Pets are wonderful tonic for our lives.
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    nice doggie! LOL!! :laugh:
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