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Dang fingerprint scanners rejecting me!

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    I have a laptop from IBM that has the cool fingerprint reader for those people who want to pretend that they're important. Something that annoys me is that every so often the reader just won't be able to read my finger. Now I'm wondering, does holding a cold object for a decent amount of time or having dirty fingers or such ruin a fingerprint scanners ability to read your finger? Or anything like that?

    i also have a questions about cats landing on their feet that i'll address later...
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    Yes. When you get your finger prints scanned (for official purposes) they usually will wipe down the scanner plate a couple times during the process and even have you wash your hands with a wet wipe.
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    I was going to suggest the same thing - wash your hands!

    As for the cat, http://www.hcibooks.com/p-3452-why-do-cats-always-land-on-their-feet.aspx" [Broken] ;-)
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    It doesn't work well for little penguin feet.
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    You can ask Zz...I had the same problem at Disney. To prevent people from "scalping" Disney tickets I think, they do some sort of finger scan thing when you enter and after the first day, it is supposed to be the same person each day. Well, one day, it just decided I wasn't me anymore. It didn't leave me feeling very confident about using such technology for access to things more important than theme park entry (Shhh...don't tell Zz I said there are things more important than getting into Disney :biggrin:).
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