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Dang Van multiaxial fatigue criterion

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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to find a difference between two versions of the Dang Van criterion on multiaxial fatigue.
    Let's say that Dang Van 1 is the one that uses a critical plane and Dang Van 2 the one that uses the Tresca criterion (which means no critical plane)

    I assume that the only difference lies in the fact that Dang Van 2 is way faster when computed since it does not require the search of a specific plane

    But is there any way those 2 criterion can give different results for a same fatigue cycle?

    I wrote a programm in which both criterion are computed and I have not been able to find a case where different results can be obtained, even with non proportionnal stress

    Does anyone has any clue?

    Thank you for answering :)

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