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Dangerous compound.

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    I don't know exactly where to post it, chemistry - biology - earth but it's very important. There is a dangerous new stuff and everybody must know about it,

    hear ye hear ye,

    Dihydrogen Monoxide :yuck:

    http://www.netreach.net/~rjones/no_dhmo.html [Broken] :grumpy:

    and beware, don't listen to the contrarians :devil:

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    REALLY old joke.
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    Yah... this is like a decade old lol

    I wonder if people actually made organizations to try to stop its ahem, dangerous use.
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    For consistency, if they're promoting it as a dangerous biological agent then they shouldn't mention the styrofoam and property damage.
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    Yeah, and let's not forget Smurfide and OxiMoonbear
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