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Dangers of methanol

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    For a vessel containing liquid methanol (95%) and other substances (methanol takes up about 40 wt%), which operates at 4.5 bar and 75C, what would happen if the vessel ruptures? SInce it's at a relatively high pressure, the methanol should still remain as liquid and hence no explosion? What kind of dangers would the chemical exposure pose?
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    Pressure drops when the vessel ruptures. At atmospheric pressure, it is above the boiling point, so I would expect bad results if pressure drop is rapid...
    To make it worse, methanol will replace oxygen and is easily flammable. It is also toxic, even in relatively small quantities.
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    When I worked with heated methanol at a pilot plant, it was in a separate building equipped with fire suppression and blow-out (rupture) panels. It is serious business.
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