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Daredevil jumps a canyon

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    Hey guys/girls, I would appreciate some help on a problem that I am having trouble with.

    A daredevil jumps his motorcycle across a canyon. If his acceleration is 9.81 m/s^2 downward, determine:

    a) the initial speed Vo required to complete the jump.
    b) the final speed Vf.
    c) The surface angle theta required at the end of the jump to ensure a smooth landing.

    Okay heres some info about the jump.

    Initial height = Ho = 70m
    Final height = Hf = 35m
    The canyon is 100m wide

    Help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    what i would do is use x = x0 +vt + at^2 and plug in the appropriate numbers for both the x and y coordinates. and then for the angle you just plug in the x and y speeds for tangent and take that angle.
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    Well, here are some hints. I would break this down into components. Find the motion in a horizontal motion then vertical, and then combine your vectors.
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    This will not work for the x direction, since there is no acceleration in that direction when he is in the air.
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