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Dark energy and information

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    I recently asked a whole range of questions and placed them all on the QM board, and I now realise asking many questions at once is non grata - as well as some of the subjects I brought up. However I thank those that answered, especially Kea who helped me with two answers in particular.

    I'm now confused where to put this single question as it covers both QM and cosmology (not to mention relativity), but I guess here is the most appropriate.

    It seems Einstein did not quite realise how important "information" itself was at the time he came up with both SR and GR. Now we have a strange issue where some kind of energy acts as an ongoing force in the expansion of the universe. I was wondering if anyone has considered the growth of information at each quantum decision as adding to the overall "information" of the universe ? Is there any correlation between the de sitter phases, and the number of quantum reactions occuring in the universe multipied by the atomic masses of the particles involved in those reactions ?

    Bascially I'm asking if any study has been made of potential correlation between between each phase of production of elements in stars with the phases of De sitter expansion ? And if not, is there a potential for more complex types of information than mass and individual atomic structure to have significance at a quantum level (e.g. molecule formations ? )

    I realise from my previous questions that the idea of a non-local element to space-time equating with the ZPF is a non starter here so I'll not speculate on the mechanics of why I suspect information itself could cause an expansive force on the universe. Its probably enough to mention black holes for now :)

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