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A Dark energy + black hole

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    As I understand it, if you were to inject lots of dark energy into the molten core of a planet, the planet would inflate like a bubble over time until the forces of dark energy and gravity were in balance or until the bubble popped. If you were to inject dark energy into the interior of a black hole, what would happen?
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    You cannot "inject" dark energy into anything. It's not something you can corral and coerce into doing your bidding, so your question makes no sense.
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    Its weird. Whenever I ask a question on a physics forum I always get two or three obsessive compulsives that don't understand what’s going on answering a question I didn't ask before someone comes along with something intelligent.
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    This is possibly due to the fact that
    In order to get even close to an answer, one had to make so many assumptions on what is still unknown that a every answer would be meaningless. The only intelligent answer is
    Speculations and thus the question isn't covered by our rules without a scientific basis, i.e. some mainstream science in whose context a discussion could be settled.

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