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Dark energy = dark matter*speed of light squared?

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    Or in other words, is dark energy the energy of dark matter? and vive versa.

    Please give reasons to your answers.
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    I just realisez that the formula uses mass, not matter.

    so, could it be, dark mass?= the mass of dark matter or the mass of anti-matter?

    and could it be dark energy= dark mass*speed of light squared.

    by the way,

    does anti-energy exist?

    ifso, could it be

    anti-energy=anti-mass*speed of light squared?
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    Not at all... You are misusing E=mc². dark energy and dark matter are totally different in nature. Dark matter is responsible for holding galaxies together while dark energy is really the "negative pressure" that results in the accelerated expanding universe...

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    so dark energy is really negative energy?

    then, dark energy= negative mass*speed of light sqaured???
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    I'm a bit uncomfortable with that marlon, though I understand - I'm worried about how the negative energy concept might be abused.
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    GUILLE: Have you heard about this?:

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    Why are people so gullible?
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    that second last paragraph is gold!
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    That was revelatory, I have a design based on that concept. I only need a crane to lift the thing. I'm an engineer and know about such things. Think of it as a reverse cowpie... instead of falling to the ground, it gravitates back to the source
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    I am not really sure i know what you mean, Chronos. Could you elaborate, please

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    Even NASA has funded research into this, through the Breakthrough Propulsion program. The problem that the NASA folks ignored is that we can only exploit energy differentials. Even if the energy of the quantum vacuum is huge, it is the ground state of our universe and it cannot be exploited without access to a state of either higher or lower energy. Apparently somebody in India (like here in the US) has managed to convince the men with the money that it is possible to exploit vacuum energy (possibly by constructing a device that physically excludes some frequencies of the ZPE field, like a Casimir device does).

    As a side note, Andrei Sakharov believed that it was possible to tap into the energy of the ZPE field, and he petitioned the USSR government to ban such experimentation, for fear of starting a chain-reaction that could destabilize space time and destroy the universe. It sounds silly, but he was dead serious.
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    LOL, I just had to reply to this. A Doom's Day device :surprised This world seriously lacks evil scientists bent on world domination .. and stuff.

    Yeah I read a lot of comic books as a kid :tongue2:
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    Dark energy can be regarded as negative energy in the sense it behaves like repulsive gravity. I just squirm a little at the term because it is bait for things like 'If there is negative energy there must also be negative mass, hence FTL drives are possible'.
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