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Dark energy project.

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    Hi I have to do a project, and I've chosen dark energy as the principal item. But first I talk of the evolution of the Univers and others.
    I just wanted to comment you the structure of the project and see if you thank it's good or you'd do it of another way.

    1. Introduction
    2. Main methods of study (CMB, telescopes...) and explanation of the 4 forces and elementary particles.
    3. The beginning (big bang, inflation and creation of matter and structures) giving more importance to the first two.
    4. The actual Univers.
    4.1 Dark Matter
    4.2 Expansion of the Universe
    4.2.1 Cosmological Constant
    4.2.2 Dark Energy (history, etc.)
    4.2.3 Lambda-CDM
    4.3 Possible endings of the Universe?¿
    5. Where are Physics going to? (Unification, strings theory, Higgs Bosson)...
    6. Conclusions

    It's for last year of High School and it has to be about 50 pags. what do you think??
    Any idea or objection would be appreciated!

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    A narrower focus may be more manageable. The dark energy question is very complex. Numerous papers have been written on just the original Perlmutter supernovae studies - which are widely regarded as the key evidence for the dark energy hypothesis.
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