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Dark Flow - accepted or theory?

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    I am curious if 'Dark Flow' is considered a fringe theory or not. I have been away from cosmology for a while and am trying to pick up the general consensus of the community on the leading theories today. Thanks.
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    I'm speaking from a base of pretty much utter ignorance, but I seem to recall some time back that dark flow had been basically discovered to be an observational mistake ... or perhaps it was an interpretational mistake, but in any case I think the whole thing went away. If others have more correct information, I'll be happy to hear about it.
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    Dark flow still looks very speculative to me.
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    Okay, thank you.
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    The above link is a pretty strong refutation of the previous claims of dark flow. Im not sure what your definition of "fringe " is though. Planck should shed more light on this when it release results early next year.
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