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Dark flow inquiry and question

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    Good day guys. I've been reading articles on cosmology. And i stumbled upon a case on dark flow. Besides wiki, google and some sites which i can't tell if it's reliable or not, etc? Where can i find some good valid reads on that matter.

    Any latest consensus published thought/reference/theories/discoveries that would at least make sense of the behavior of clusters and superclusters. What is the highest probabilistic explanation so far. Thanks in advance and more power.^^
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    I think we are only a few months away from Planck data (easrly 2013 was the last I heard from someone working on the project) and hopefully this will settle whether or not this is real effect or not.
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    Have you tried ARXIV? It should cover the good / bad /ugly, and rarely fails me.


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    Here is the latest on 'Dark Flow' - Cosmic Microwave Background filters and the Dark-Flow measurement, http://arxiv.org/abs/1211.4345. As should be evident, the topic is controversial, as it has been since first raised some years ago. It would certainly stir things up if confirmed. I'm quite sure there would be any number of cranks trumpeting the discovery as 'proof' of some idiotic 'theory' they had, or just invented.
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    Oh, thanks. Been there. Cool site and spot on. I'll always stick to empirical reads and data's. After all. I don't want to end up confusing myself as i go further. I want to build on that foundation. I'm still new and had a sudden interest in cosmology. So, well see.^^

    Thanks "Chro" appreciated man and sorry for bad English.
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    If this stuff doesn't confuse you now and then, you're probably doing something wrong.
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    Uh ... it confuses me ALL of the time. Does that mean I'm doing everything right? :smile:
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    ... Well. Interesting. It's the same reason why i got into this subject. I want to gather and understand as much data as i can bec. even my imagination fails me. I already started adding probabilistic variables in my head to make sense of it all but ended wrong still. I don't know if our interpretations are wrong or we're just missing some factors. In the end of the day what matters is i can make some level of predictions out of all data's in my head at least. ^^
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