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Dark matter and MWI

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    Could dark matter be the other universes posited by MWI. there has been speculation that the parallel universes remain weakly coupled by gravity after diverging, but we cant observe or communicate with them any other way. that sounds similar to the properties of dark matter, cant observe it any way but gravitational effects.

    I know this clashes w/ the current explanation of dark matter as a very small particle. but we havent proven that yet as far as i know

    btw im sure somebodies already worked out why this doesn't work. im prolly just connecting too many dots... but
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    Well, these are highly speculative ideas, and would be exceedingly difficult to test. I think that right now we're mostly just not concerned with further investigation in them because of that second point: we might as well search for those ideas that we can test directly, and leave the ones we can't test to later.
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