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Dark matter ceu's

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    For anyone interested in a recent, state of the union address on dark matter:

    The Dark Side of the Universe
    Authors: Katherine Freese
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    Thanks, Chronos. Same old same old, though. If we believe that energy has a mass equivalence and if we believe that the the quantum vacuum is immensely energetic, wouldn't it be wise to explore its gravitational effects just a bit before laying it all to MACHOs, WIMPS and Dark Energy?

    From this link from James Schombert, former NASA/JPL and an observational astronomer (my kind of cosmologist):


    I will refrain from making comments on my own opinions on the Dark Matter problem so your thread will not be locked. A little epistemology is in order here, and I do not see it happening.
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    The abstract:

    Bottom line, in this mainstream restatement of the state of the field (yes, state of the union is a good analogy). You need axions or WIMPS which have not been discovered yet, to make it fly. This is also weak on addressing issues with how dark matter gets distributed in the manner that it does.
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    That dog won't hunt.
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