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Dark matter etc

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    How is the search for dark matter, dark energy and gravitational radiation going, as far as i can make
    out there has been no direct detection and they remain conjectures
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    There has been in the news just the last week or so an experiment that MAY have detected dark matter ... there's a thread on it somewhere here ... try a forum search for some thing like "dark matter found"
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    There have been recent advancements in detecting dark matter. From two different sources. However theres still not enough data to say. Yes we found dark matter.
    Not much in detecting dark energy.
    By gravitational radiation I am assuming you mean gravity waves. If thats the case then theres been nothing conclusive.

    So essentially nothing conclusive to all 3
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    So if the experiment is run for another 2 yrs without detection, would that be a nail in the LCDM coffin?
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    I'm fairly sure not. It's a bit of a matter of opinion at some point, but I think there's quite a bit of room to lower the cross-section for WIMPs before people start abandoning them altogether.

    As for DE, I don't know of any experiment we are seriously pursing for direct detection. The nature of the phenomenon simply doesn't lend itself to easy access. We will very likely confirm the acceleration curves with DES and LSST, and this may provide some interesting data regarding the dark energy equation of state. But regarding direct detection...

    Gravitational waves we should see within the next few years. If advanced LIGO turns on, manages to hit their design sensitivity, and runs for even a year or two without making a detection it will be EXTREMELY odd. All signs point to them making detections very roughly on the order of /week/month/day at their design sensitivity.
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