Dark matter fueles expansion

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Dark matter drives expansion


Unification of dark matter and dark energy via quantum wave function collapse
Authors: A. S. Majumdar, D. Home
Comments: 5 pages, RevTex

Dynamical wave function collapse models entail the continuous liberation of a specified rate of energy arising from the interaction of a fluctuating scalar field with the matter wave function. We consider the wave function collapse process for the constituents of dark matter in our universe. Beginning from a particular early era of the universe chosen from physical considerations, the rate of the associated energy liberation is integrated to yield the requisite magnitude of dark energy at the time of galaxy formation. Further, the equation of state for the liberated energy approaches $\omega \to -1$ asymptotically, providing a mechanism to generate the present acceleration of the universe.

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I wasn't sure i should post this letter, as is based on, along with hundreds
of others, on non discovered particles, energies, but i am not the one to
judge, against my better judgement i like the basic idea.


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I have to agree that the article is pretty cranky (despite involving citations to legitimate journals, equations that resemble real GR equations, relevant buzz words, and allegedly funding to produce the paper). In short, it is incoherent and doesn't really set out a theory in any way connected to the universe or an established model of it. Still no harm done.

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