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I Dark Matter or Modified Gravity theories?

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    Dark Matter was never found, what Modified Gravity theories should we check now?
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    What you think about MOG Modified Gravity theory from John Moffat?
    he don't need the Dark Matter proposal that may be same like ether, non-exixting

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    Your link didn't work for me. (Probably better to post a link to arxiv rather than post the PDF directly)

    To my understanding, John Moffat 's MOG is an example of the TeVeS theories that @pervect mentioned above.
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    Sorry but I don't have the link, please do a Google search for > John Moffat Miami 2015 conference
    find also this one > Modified Gravity, Dark Matter and Dark Energy
    John Moffat
    Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 2/4/2013
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