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B Dark Matter reactions in BBN

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    Several articles I've read say that the basis for BBN is that we know how particles react here on earth, so we can extrapolate that and make precise predictions for the composition of the universe at a given energy level. For example, at 100 Billion K, we have a pretty good idea how neutrons, protons, electrons, photons and the like would combine, recombine and form an equilibrium based on a statistical model.

    So here's the part I don't get: Dark Matter has the same electrical properties as neutrons. Dark matter participates in Weak Nuclear reactions. So how come none of these reactions involve Dark Matter (which was abundant as a primordial particle at this time)?
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    There's no evidence for either of these. Dark matter isn't known to have electromagnetic properties, unlike a neutron which at least has a magnetic moment and is also composed of electrically charged particles, nor is there evidence for dark matter participating in weak nuclear reactions.

    Edit: I've also changed the thread prefix to B instead of A since this discussion is not at an A level.
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    Please give specific references (and not pop science ones, actual textbooks or peer-reviewed papers).
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    Doctor Strange, which of your four links is the text you quoted from?

    Also, which, if any, of these references are your source for the statements quoted below?

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    You do understand that WIMP stands for "Weakly Interacting Massive Particle", right?
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    You do understand that "Weakly Interacting" here does not refer to the known weak interaction, right?

    Thread closed until the OP can give (by PM) acceptable references that back up the claims made in the OP.
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