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I Dark matter?

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    What is exactly the dark matter? There are lot's of things hitting at a particle nature of dark matter I mean observation of the bullet cluster, freeze out times in the earlier universe, the third peak in the CMB power spectrum.

    I think there is no known consistent explanation by modified gravity models. On the other hand there are any different dark matter models that are able to explain all observations. Hmmm well of course this does not prove anything, but to our current knowledge particle dark matter is definitely the best guess.
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    We don't know. It could be a new particle that only interacts through gravity, it could be that gravity behaves differently than our current laws, or it could be something else. The first possibility is currently thought to be the most probable one.
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    Or it maybe that there is some as yet undiscovered particles that makes up of the dark matter, it may be that the dark matter is actually our misunderstanding of the laws of gravity, or or it maybe something else entirely that we haven't even thought of yet
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    Yes, that is exactly what I said. :biggrin:
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