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Dark Objects

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    "Dark Objects"

    Some objects emit electromagnetic radiation over the entire spectrum, from radio waves to X-rays. Solar flare loops, quasars and, the most amazing are, B. C. Larcertae Objects which display an extremely flat spectrum. This is not just broad band syncrotron radiation. Ball lightning and similar ring like objects have also been reported to emit a pure white light (but not in every case, it might be added).

    If this weren't strange enough the same types of objects seem to have a "dark" phase. Dark ball lightning and dark solar flare loops have been observed. Here is a thread related to a "dark ring" object.


    Dark quasars or B. C. Lacertae objects would be very hard to observe so we can't say that they occur.

    What mechanism would allow such an object to absorb light over nearly the entire spectrum? Bet there's some ineresting new physics here!
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    Re: "Dark Objects"

    Hmmm...Black paint on a F-117A stealth fighter?
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    hmmm, well any thing that is a perfect black body must absorb and emit em radiation of all wavelengths.
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    Re: "Dark Objects"

    That "dark ring object" was a smoke-ring, if I've read the article correctly. Hardly mysterious in its properties.
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    Re: Re: "Dark Objects"

    I did't see any speculation in the articles as to the nature of the ring. Why don't we see large smoke rings like this more often? And there are also "bright" rings, sometimes associated with lightning.

    And I left out an important class of dark objects, Sunspots, which are considerably darker than their surroundings. I've just read a report yesterday that another type of dark object has been found on the Sun, a sort of round blob that travels outward during flares.
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