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Dark strings

  1. Aug 23, 2004 #1
    I been thinking...

    ...anything falling into a black hole and assuming it gets reduced to it's basic "string" then by way of the spiralling effect of the black hole in an ever decreasing vortex becomes a very long very dense connection of strings only a planck unit in diamater but infinitely long that stretches all the way to the edge/frontier/horizon of the expanding universe and accounts for the dark matter/energy that we dont see...dark strings

    this kinda makes for our universe to be an expanding bubble membrane with permeating black holes leading to and from the edges and acting as balance mechanisms to keep the universe in equilibrium by shifting mass/energy around a fixed inflation point

    wormholes being black holes not connected to the edges

    anyone care to discuss, shoot down or steer me on the right path in layman's term please. It would be much apprecitated


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  3. Aug 25, 2004 #2
    all I'm looking for is a little feedback and some pointers in the right direction...

    c'mon guys what ya got to lose ???

    the silence is getting deafening
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    You assume to know alot about what happens inside a black hole, and I thinkt he problem is that no one really knows that happens inside a black hole. There are many different theories and models. I could go grab my notebook but that is up stairs and I am quite tired at the moment but I think I understand what you are trying to say. Are you trying to say that the ever increasing matter added into a black hole being compressed toward the singularity streches space time to the point that it drops it off on the outside of the universe?
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    Maybe if you restated it I could provide a response.
  6. Aug 28, 2004 #5
    truth be known, I don't really know anything especially about inside a black hole I'm just speculating a possibiblity or not.

    but yeah exactly Tom...

    The purpose of black holes being to act as balance mechanisms by shifting mass/energy around to keep the universe in equilibrium around a fixed inflation point, with wormhole being black holes that have become separated from the edges...

    that would make wormholes very long dense strings connected end on end but only a planck length in diameter...

    ...being strings,they would be very hard to distinguish and virtually impossible to locate.

    So what would happen if our hypersphere shifted of it's central inflation point ???

    ..either nothing as it would correct itself by a new black hole being created or the next brane/bubble sneaks up and interacts with our trailing edge brane. That's if the bubbles inside bubbles type of multiverse exists...

    Any way here's a question i been thinking about I hope someone can answer.

    What would happen if you put a bigger black hole beside a littler one???... would it suck the information out of the little one or would they just merge to create an even bigger one...or both at some cross over of their event horizons.

    Given the above postulate I don't think it could occur naturally but if we could make some in the lab...

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