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Dark Tower : Wolves of Callah

  1. Nov 7, 2003 #1
    Rather than dig up the old one, thought I'd just start a new thread.

    For those of you Stephen King fans out there, the next installment of the Dark Tower series is due to be released this month. I've been reading King's books for close to 20 years, so I'm of course a die hard fan. All I can say is it's about darned time! I was beginning to think he'd be dead before he finished the series.

    Any of the newcomers King or Dark Tower Fans?
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    You said it. My son got into the Dark Tower as a senior in high school, and he's now a 30 year old husband and father. I read them along with him, and I can hardly remember the plot any more.
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    I finished it last night...holy crap, guys and gals, the (expletive deleted) really hit the fan this time!! The 'wolves' are exactly the last thing you could ever possibly expect...except after the theme of Wizard and Glass[/], it makes some sort of twisted sense.
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    It's out already??? Man I'd better go get it and start reading.
    Ya, I had to go back and reread wizzards and glass just to remember.
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    Holy sweet boobala!! Go get it NOW!!
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    Much like the matrix I was kinda bummed. They should have wrapped it up in this book but they had to leave a cliffhanger for the next one. But it's all starting to come together now. I'm thinking more and more that Stephen King will be at the top, or at least be a real character in the book intstead of an indirect reference.
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