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    Understanding Darkness

    About 68% of the universe is ‘DARK ENERGY’, about 27% of the universe is ‘DARK MATTER’ and about 5% of the universe is ‘NORMAL MATTER’. Questions to be asked: What is ‘DARK ENERGY’? What is ‘DARK MATTER’? Where did ‘DARK ENERGY’ and ‘DARK MATTER’ come from? Why is the universe growing?

    I will try to explain: When the big bang happened about 47.5% of the universe was ‘ANTI MATTER’. At the same time about 52.5% of the universe was ‘NORMAL MATTER’. ‘ANTI MATTER’ and ‘NORMAL MATTER’ annihilate each other when they come in contact with each other. That leaves the 5% of ‘NORMAL MATTER’ as we know it.

    When the ‘ANTI MATTER’ electrons and ‘NORMAL MATTER’ electrons collide (e=mc^2) they are being turned into matter. The energy from the electrons become ‘DARK ENERGY’, now one proton from ‘ANTI MATTER’ and one proton from ‘NORMAL MATTER’ is surrounded by the ‘Strong Force’. The Neutrons are left scattered as ‘DARK MATTER’. That is why ‘Darkness’ doesn’t affect radio signals while still having gravity. Both ‘DARK MATTER’ and ‘DARK ENERGY’ are mixed together. This is all around us, we breathe this.

    As for the growth of the universe, the ‘Black Holes’ are eating the ‘DARK MATTER’ and ‘DARK ENERGY’ converting it to normal matter.

    NOTE: math needs to be corrected because black holes have been eating the 'dark universe' since the creation of the first black hole.
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