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Darwin £2 coin

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    i found this in my change, apparently they've been in circulation since 2009 …


    any chance the usa would issue a coin like this? o:)

    (btw, for pictures of all the uk £2 coins see http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/pics/dec2p.html)
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    I remember this coin, it was for the bicentenary I think. I do prefer having him on the back of things, would be odd if it was on a dollar right beneath "in god we trust" :tongue2:

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    I don't think Darwin will be appearing on any US money in the foreseeable future.
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    I like Serena

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    Not as long as US money is tied to religion I guess.
    Interesting contrast with the UK.
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    A lot of other countries put scientists on money:

    Newton was master of the mint for a while and actually executed a counterfeiter. Therefore, it would be humorously ironic to counterfeit some of these:

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    I think i might keep my eye out for one of these
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    I would love to have one of those coins, but I can't afford it.
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    Also we prefer to put US citizens on our money. :wink:
  10. May 22, 2012 #9

    Chi Meson

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    A plethora of whackos flipped out when "In God We Trust" was printed on the outer edge of the recent dollar coins. By gum, Francis Scott Key said "let this be our motto..." Who are we to argue with a second-rate poet?

    Well he was.
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    And let's not forget that "the rockets' red glare" referred to those incoming from the Brits 2 miles down the river; you guys didn't have them. :biggrin:
  12. May 26, 2012 #11
    I must say there are some excellent designs on both notes and coins here in the UK. They are so much more interesting than the rather bland and generic designs used on Euros.
  13. May 26, 2012 #12

    I like Serena

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    I guess the designs on the Euro have been hampered a bit by the various national prides, making them a bit bland.

    But you made me want to compare the different bills, so I looked up a few pictures.




    To be honest, seeing them like this, I like the euro best.
    The euro bills look the most clean and with subtle colorings.

    And here are the old bills that I was used to, but that are no more.


    They are a bit more colorful with some original designs in them.
    The bills 50, 100, and the ones after had been redesigned leaving the concept of putting people on the money.
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  14. May 26, 2012 #13
    They don't look like money to me. They look like tickets for public transportation.
  15. May 26, 2012 #14

    I like Serena

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    Hmm, I do not associate them with tickets for public transportation...

    So which money do you like best and why?
  16. May 26, 2012 #15
    I have to say, completely chauvinistically, that I like the U.S. money best because it's the only money that looks like actual money to me. The other stuff doesn't look spendable.

    You don't have to get upset by that, it's the natural result of never having to handle any of the other money, never even seeing it, except on the internet.
  17. May 26, 2012 #16
    I love the UK, and am not at all happy about the revolution. Lovely coin, imo.
  18. May 26, 2012 #17
    I kind of agree. American currency looks more official. It has a bunch of text and numbers on it that, I guess, gives me that impression.
    Some foreign money is too colorful and looks counterfeit.

    Speaking of foreign money, I'm hoping the Zimbabwe economy does a 180 and these bills come back to full value. I have two of them.

  19. May 26, 2012 #18


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    The British ten and twenty don't look like those any more, and you forgot the legendary fifty.

    The thing I couldn't get used to in the US is that all the notes look and feel the same. British bank notes have a different size and colour for each denomination which are a good aid for the partially sighted.
  20. May 27, 2012 #19
    It seems that way to me, too. I did visit London for a week once (1973) and had a sort of surreal reaction to the money, that England was a weird place where you could spend fake monopoly money as if it were real.
  21. May 27, 2012 #20


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    Wait'll you get a load of the new Canuck $100 bill. It's made of an almost indestructible polymer. Parts of it are completely transparent, and it's loaded with holograms. No more tragic crying over having left your money in your pocket when the pants went through the washing machine.
    Brewski, I don't know about English money. Here, all of our bills, including the plastic ones, have Braille printing for the visually impaired.
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