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Data conversion question

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    Hello all....

    Suppose I have a camera that is recording data and then sending it over firewire (1394) to a monitor and displaying VGA (or DVI).

    What I want to do is split the firewire into two outputs…

    1. The normal fire wire output that gets sent to the monitor
    2. An analog video signal (NTSC format) that we will eventually convert
    into a fiber signal.

    Is there an existing piece of hardware that will perform the function of splitting the firewire output and convert one output to NTSC format? If there is then I am having a difficult time locating it.

    Does anyone know of any way to do this?

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    You might try seeing if the cameras AV output is active while the computer is driving the firewire connection.
    The camera AV output would be your NTSC signal.

    To do it the way you are asking is probably possible, but its not likely you will find something that does it.
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    If I understand you correctly there is a device that can do this. I just need to speak with my friend and ask what it is called. I remember it being very expensive...
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    I agree with NoTime. You're really barking up the wrong tree with trying to convert FireWire (digital, MPG-compressed video) into NTSC (analog). The camera probably already has both outputs; just use both.

    - Warren
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