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Data Matrix Contrast on Steel

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    The company I work for makes and repairs circular saw blades. When we receive blades in from companies, they must be checked into our system manually using an ID number, and we are looking for a way to check them in by scanning, like a data matrix. We have sent out several blades to companies and had them put a data matrix on blades by way of annealing and engraving and they come back able to scan in as we hoped they would. The problem is that when blades arrive at our location they need to be cleaned, which involves a buffing process. When the blades are buffed, the contrast created by the laser is removed, leaving a engraved data matrix that is not readable by a cellphone to check in, because their is no longer any contrast. Can anyone think of any possible solutions to this problem? Is there a way to make the contrast created by the laser more permanent? or maybe a different idea completely that doesn't involve laser marking?
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    If the engraving still exists on the blades, that is if there is a change in surface flatness or roughness, try painting on some Dykem or similiar layout fluid. Then gently wipe the excess off the surface.

    You don't say why the buffing is required. I presume it is to remove surface contamination. If so, you could try washing with a solvent. Or even running them thru a dishwasher with the appropriate soap!
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