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Data of Engine PW4060 PW123D and PW127E

  1. May 13, 2013 #1

    My name is Luis Trindade and I am a Aeronautic Engineering student.

    I am doing a comparative study on aircraft performance, but I lack data on some of the aircraft. These data refer to the engines. Needed to know the fuel consumption in cruise and traction on the cruise of the PW4060 engine Beoing 767-300ER.

    For engines PW123D PWC and PWC respectively PW127E manning the Bombardier Dash Q200 and ATR 42-500, needed to know the fuel consumption in cruise, the cruise propulsive efficiency, the power on the cruise and the specific fuel consumption at sea level .

    I would be very grateful if they could help me.

    Thank you
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