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Data schemata

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    What informational reference provides you with the most complete worldview?
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    Huh? Like what? I guess the internet? Explain please?
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    God's revelation.
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    Doing well so far: the Internet, and God's revelation.
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    Microsoft error messages.
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    Hello Loren. Making progress? Mine is a synthesis of many, many sources. Biology and Evolution are big sources for me and Astronomy too is a big source for me. Many authors have contributed to my world view such as Carl Sagan, Robert Leakey and other Anthropologist, E.O. Wilson, Gould, Dawkins, Isaac Asimov, David Attenborough to name just a few. Something emerges when you put all that together I think and that something is my worldview. If I had to pick one, it would be the theory of Evolution.
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    Actually, this is true. There is absolutely NO informational database that would be more complete or infallible than God's revelation.
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    Depends what you really mean. But if you want a snappy geo-political worldview, the U.S. Joint Forces Command’s Joint Operating Environment (JOE) 2010 is a good place to start.

    http://www.jfcom.mil/newslink/storyarchive/2010/JOE_2010_o.pdf [Broken]
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    Here for the worldview of physicist and other scientist.
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    Wow this is interesting stuff. I love the breakdown timeline of the 20th century based on military actions :rofl. Every major nation in the world had allies that turned to enemies within a few years hahaha.
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    the psylocibin mycelial network
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    I agree with zomgwtf, it's very interesting. Thanks for posting it.
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    Anthropomancy. :devil:
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