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Data transfer problem

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    So I just built my parents a new computer with a quad core AMD Athlon processor, 4 gigs of RAM, a 1 TB HDD, and windows 7. Now my mom wants all her old photos and videos, and even her old emails from Comcast that she has stored in Microsoft outlook, on her new computer. I dont know where to start. I have a 32 gig USB 2.0 external HDD, that has 2 USB cords coming out of it for file sharing, and I want to know 2 things: What is the best way to transfer the files? and how can I get my moms old emails out of outlook and into a folder?

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    There's are export functions for messages, accounts, and addresses. Hopefully the format of the exported files will be able to be imported in the new computer.
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    ok, thanks at least that solves one problem. I'll probably end up just doing it the obvious way, although I'm sure I'll encounter a problem, or maybe my parents computer would be inaccessible for days with the transfer going...
    If anyone knows of a better solution please try and help me, because this computer is at almost 100% full capacity, and is so...... slow..........
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    Can you plug the old HD into the new system long enough for data transfer?

    I just imported all my wife's files in Windows Live Mail. "Simply" use the Import function and point it at

    It may be in a different location - it's pretty convoluted - ultimately you are looking for a filename with a giant hex number between paretheses like this: {F12CEE45-B3BC-4388-3742-88D491B5BAE4} or some such.
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    You can avoid this by using outlooks tools / options / maintainance / store folder, which allows you to move those files to a different folder that you can create, such as \users\mom\outlook\... which won't have that awkward name.
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    Thanks, I think I have the email problem solved now, and I'll unplug the old HDD and put it in my parents new computer, I might even leave it there, giving my parents another 50 gigs of storage, and then I can get a new HDD and an SSD HDD for my parents old computer, which will become mine. >:) devious plot
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