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Data type conversion in matlab

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    I'm writing a program in matlab. I have a matrix whose entries are all ones and zeros. I want to convert each row vector of the matrix into a binary number whose digits are the entries of the vector. So for example if an arbitrary row of the matrix was [1, 0, 1, 1], I would like to convert it into the binary number 1011. How would I go about doing that? My end goal is to convert that binary number into a base ten one, but I already know how to do that.
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    Well, it could be done by using the following simple formula:

    where a_i are the elements of the vector and N is the dimension.
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    In case you have numeric (double integer) valued matrix components, then you can use the following MATLAB conversion:


    then back to double integer you can convert using:
    C=bin2dec(B); % NB: You will loose however decimal points

    Hopefully that helps you.
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