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  1. Greetings,
    There is this new (by new I mean it went up like 10 minutes ago) site that is fully automated that is supose to act as a database resource for people who are interested in learning about The theory of Everything. Mainly the use of the site will be to act as a database of links, stories, any anything else related to the theory of everything. What is nice about this system is that it allows users to rate the how usefull a source has been and organize on rank. It also allows users to write reviews about articles or leave comments. I know that it is something that could be very usefull if ennough people use it, and hope that as many of you as possible can join and contribute to the Site

    Tom McCurdy

    Other features of the site incclude the ablity to keep journal of your experiences, to private message people, and many other features. I hope you will take time to look at and join
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  3. Thank you-- Theory of Everything Site

    Thank you for all who have joined so far, its only are 3rd day in operation and we have just reached our 1000 hit

    The Theory of Everything-- Access Statistics

    We received 1000 page views since June 2004

    We have had a lot of people viewing the site and using it, if you are interested in trying to join the staff please just ask.
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    Tom, I think it's time to stop advertising the site here. We do have strictures against self promotion, although I think your site is good and useful. The threads and their titles will give folks a link there, and that'll be acceptible I think to the other mentors.
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