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Date Format

  1. Dec 16, 2007 #1
    I just noticed this. Instead of saying today, or yesterday, it just has T and Y. The date, rather than spelling it out, is just a numerical date. I don't think it has always been like this (though I could be wrong). When was this changed?

    It's also on a 24h clock, instead of 12h...

    Have I just been not paying attention for a while, or is this new?
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    It's fairly new. And old. We used to have a time stamp, and then when we got the Prime skin, dropped the time stamp for just dates (including "Today" and "Yesterday"). When we disabled the Nexus skin a few days ago, folks requested the time stamp be returned to the Prime Skin, so that's what we have now. Greg said we can't fit the full word without adding a line, so that's why just "T" and "Y".
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    Ok, just wondering, thanks for the info.
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